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We have designed CyprusCoin as a secure coin that aims to provide users a secure environment to handle their funds. On the technology side, we are trying to have an advanced but easy to use interface that will help everyday users manage their funds safe and securely.


About XCY

CyprusCoin was born on a meeting in Cyprus, where several businessmen and offshore finance advisers were discussing safe management of investment funds. Since Cyprus is a very popular offshore investment destination, we believe that CyprusCoin will be a great solution for the people to move their money freely, untraceable, safe and securely.

You may think that there are several strong privacy coins so why the need for a new one? Yes, we are aware that there are many privacy coins and they have great communities and developers. However, with building CyprusCoin , we wanted to focus on an offshore investment market and its specific needs. This is why we wanted to have our own coin to develop and improve for our goals.

Technical Details of XCY

Date of Birth: October 18th, 2018

Emission Factor is set at 18 which means fast emission. This has been done for a purpose, which is having most of the mining process completed in a short time and thereafter focusing more on our products than circulation and price of XCY. We have premined 2% of total supply to give away as bounties. Cyprus Coin (XCY) can be mined only via CPU/GPU. CN Turtle algorithm is ASIC-Resistant so you can not use your ASIC device to mine Cyprus Coin (XCY).

Coin Specs

CyprusCoin (XCY) has a total supply of 38 Million coins. We use CN Turtle (Cryptonight Turtle) algorithm and our block time is 60 seconds. While decimal point is 6 Cypruscoin uses 18 as emission factor which means fast emission of coins.

Road Map

We will update our roadmap every 6 months with new goals and products.

Stake Owner Dashboard and New XCYBet

Our aim for June 2019 is making the Stake Owner Dashboard fully operational and adding new casino games with a new look to the XCYBet website.

June 2019

Offshore.Cards Dashboard and APP

We are building a dashboard and mobile application for depositing XCY to Offshore Card. Users may use their balance for cash withdrawal and shopping.

July 2019

Payment Gateways Internal/External

While we will work on CyprusPay platform, we will spend our best effort to list CyprusCoin at Coinpayments and similar platforms in August 2019.

August 2019

Hardware Wallet

We will list CyprusCoin in a popular hardware wallet. Currently we have a deal about this and we aim to finalize this deal until September 2019.

September 2019

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